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Sue Jiang / 江宜庶

23 years ago, it was by chance, not by choice, that I stepped into the real estate business as a second job, hoping to earn an extra $500 each month to support my family. Immediately, to my great surprise, a new door opened in my life which led me into a vast and alien world full of challenges and opportunities. I began my exploration of this field with diligent work, eager study, and honest practice. Starting from the purchasing and selling of residential properties, I gradually became involved in business and commercial property transactions; then real estate investments, leasing and property management; and finally new development and new constructions. The very small wish of $500 extra each month 23 years ago has grown, without much intention or deliberate effort, into a business of 40-50 real estate transactions each year. I eventually left my full time job as an IT professional in UW-Madison and devoted myself fully to a career in real estate.

Real estate business practice has completed me as an individual. I was born and raised in an intellectual family, in which being a professor was considered the best life in the world. I had no idea that the seeds of a sense of business were lying dormant in me, until I encountered the practice of real estate. It is through this practice that I discovered and have developed a hidden nature I had never before recognized in myself. I continue this exploration of self to this day.

Real estate business practice has made me a better person. The unique nature of the real estate business challenges everyone’s personality and integrity. To even survive, let alone be successful, in real estate, or in any business, you first have to be a good person with high integrity, high EQ and high vision.

Real Estate business practice has afforded me to lots of friends and friendship. No profession is like real estate, in that you get chance to work with people and families closely and intensively for such a long term. This, in turn, provides opportunities for you to gain the trust of those clients /customers, if you can prove that you are trustworthy.

Real Estate business practice has no limit. In real estate, retirement is not the result of age, but of will. Work hours are not by job description, but by will; Success is measured only by the quality of the realtor.

These are the reasons real estate has kept me for over 23 years.

About Tri-River Realty

Tri-River Realty is the first Chinese-owned Real Estate Brokerage firm in Madison that has a high-profile public business location. As a business entity, it is still new and in development; however, neither the owner of the company nor the agents are new to real estate. They have over 30 years of combined experience in RE business and have closed over 1,000 transactions in residential, commercial, investment, leasing & property management.

Words of Wisdom

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth."
--- Muhammad Ali, former American boxer


宠辱不惊,看庭前花开花落; 去留无意,望天上云卷云舒。


"Sue worked very hard for us. We have never seen other realtors working as hard as her. We also never see any realtors who have so much professional knowledge like her."
"This is the first time for us to understand that how much help we could get from a good realtor." - H. Wang

"Some people we meet who are ready to help others without putting their self interest ahead. You are one of them. We always appreciate ourselves for selecting you as our agent. We always say 'what would have happened if we had not selected Sue as our agent.'" - A. Bhadoria

"It was as though 'Sue, went out of the way for the client to make sure that the client was protected at all times'. Very Good!"
"In the near future, if I were to purchase a second home I would definitely look to Sue Jiang for the impeccable professionalism during the entire process."

- Rishi

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